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Chironex Consulting is your Pipedrive Premier Partner and a specialist in sales and marketing. We support your CRM project from implementation to configuration.

Designed to keep you selling.

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All benefits at a glance


Generate more leads directly into your pipeline using custom web forms and chatbots

Visualize your sales, create sales pipelines and your deals – these can be easily moved within the pipeline.

Your chatbot not only qualifies new leads for you it can even book meetings. Your customers can choose a time based on the availability of the sales representative and it will be automatically synchronized with their calendar.

Generate leads via fully customizable web forms, incoming leads appear directly in the desired pipeline, if desired, activate email notifications.


With the help of the security dashboard, you can manage user access and gain full insight into account activities.

With the help of the security dashboard, you can manage user access and gain full insight into account activities.

Nightly backups at multiple locations ensure that your data is safe and secure on a first-class hosting infrastructure. In addition, Pipedrive uses the latest encryption for all data, and your data is backed up on a daily basis.

Control user access, from logging into company accounts to the functions that your employees can see and perform in Pipedrive.


Track calls, emails and contacts and gain full transparency and control over your schedule.

A visual history gives you an insight into all of your calls, emails and activities.

Using two-way email synchronization, emails can be sent and received from your business or Pipedrive mailbox. Incoming emails can be automatically assigned to specific deals.


With reports on products, activities, teams and more profits, you gain meaningful insights into sales performance and can implement improvements accordingly.

See at a glance how your company is progressing, with the help of user-defined filters, detailed reports can be created in no time at all, and you can concentrate on the essential sales activities.

Activity reports show how efficiently your team is performing sales activities. View custom metrics sent and received by the user, such as activities added and completed, and emails.



Recurring administrative tasks can be automated using artificial intelligence.

Automate your sales processes, set a trigger for desired actions and let your automation do the work for you.

Using workflow automation,  emails can be sent automatically as soon as a deal has been created or a certain phase has been reached. This helps keep leads and prospects warm, while leaving more time to focus on other important sales activities.


Individual, team and company goals can be set very easily, the progress can be viewed with real-time key figures on customizable dashboards and easily understandable reports.

Let your salespeople know what to spend their valuable time on by setting team goals. The update can then be viewed using live dashboards.

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