Companies in the logistics sector are traditionally interested in optimizing times and routes. From traditional forwarding agencies to freight by sea or air, factors such as adherence to deadlines and route efficiency are essential features of an economically successful trade. The optimization of logistical processes has a direct impact on pricing and ideally creates the opportunity to set yourself apart from direct competition.

03. June 2021 – Goals can be a very important part to any organization, as they can be used for compensation, bonuses, or even advancement within an organization. Dynamics 365 provides the ability to define and work with goals

29. December 2020 – Every company wants its products and services to be sold successfully. But how successful is your own sales department? Relevant key figures alone can be used to measure whether the set operational goals have really been achieved and in which direction sales are developing.

18. December 2020 РThe transport and logistics industry is due to increasing demands under very high pressure. Customers are expecting faster and cheaper transport. 

25. Mai 2020 – Digital transformation offers new opportunities to meet the needs of private and business customers. Be one step ahead of the competition.

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