How transport companies can drive growth inside a harsh, competive environment

the transport and logistics industry is due to increasing demands under very high pressure. Customers are expecting faster and cheaper transport. Due to the interchangeability of the freight forwarders, they often work on developing additional services that offer added value compared to the competition. But these services are often not offered to the customer at all. A lack of advice and unused opportunities mean that both the transport service provider and the customer have unused potential. With a little more attention to the problem, both sides can benefit.

Minimalism does not always lead to success

When customers turn to a transport service provider, often only the standard service is sold. The freight forwarder only rarely emphasizes its advantages over the competition. Premium services are also not offered for fear that they are too expensive for the customer. The first consultation, if it takes place at all, is far too short. The wishes and requirements of customers are usually not taken into account. With more individual advice and offers tailored to the customer, both the freight forwarders can win more customers and the customers can take advantage of a more suitable service. Other sales channels can also lead to more efficient sales. In many cases the outdated technology is also to blame for the antiquated circumstances. This incorrectly used minimalism ensures that customers and transport service providers do not reach their full potential.

Exploit potential with sales optimization

Sales optimization is a great opportunity for transport service providers to improve their sales and thus increase their sales and their success. A sales optimization also includes finding more efficient sales strategies. Training courses can sensitize employees to the relevant aspects.

In the transport and logistics sector in particular, there are many ways to optimize sales and thus stand out from the competition. An important point is customer satisfaction. This can be increased by addressing the needs of customers more individually. If the customer feels comfortable with a company, the likelihood of switching to competition is low. Customer recovery and the acquisition of new customers also play a major role in sales optimization.