Sales - with the right strategy to success

Your sales team is essential to the success of your business. Whether in-house or in the field, your sales organization sets the pace for your company growth and the satisfaction of your customers. But what happens if there is no success and your sales department is not delivering the results you want.

Modern sales are diverse, digital and demanding. Without a systematic approach and the right strategy, your sales department will no longer achieve the desired results in the short and long term. Our team from Chironex Consulting will help you to bring your sales back into shape with an individual analysis and the right strategy.

Make your sales team fit

Many companies have relied on the same concepts and methods in sales for years or even decades. Even if many procedures have become standardized, the wishes and preferences of your customers and business partners are currently changing radically. The digital transformation and the growing competition in many industries make new ways necessary in order to be successful in the future.

A clear strategy is necessary for future-oriented management of your sales. And the easiest way to formulate this is through an expert, external look. Our consulting company is at your side from the analysis of current sales processes to the planning and implementation of future sales strategies.

Clear concepts for the future of your sales

Of course, you shouldn’t completely change your sales. Many existing approaches and methods can be built on so that they will still work in a few years. Chinorex Consulting supports you in this and covers all important challenges of modern sales:

– We stimulate your sales force and help you to intelligently divide sales areas and target groups. Record the regional demand easily and conveniently and be on site with a second seller.

– Whether in the field or in-house, the behavior of prospects and customers can be intelligently selected with modern and digital applications and tools. You too can use reliable data to make well-founded sales decisions.

– Based on all the data collected, goals and specifications can be formulated more easily for each employee in your sales department. This increases the motivation of sales and makes the successes achieved by each individual measurable.

– Your products are not only sold in the field or at the point of sale. E-commerce or social media channels offer you new platforms for successful sales. We accompany the entire process expertly.

– The commitment of your employees in sales depends to a large extent on the remuneration and the commissions that can be achieved. We help you to develop modern systems with which you can sustainably boost the performance of every team member.

Individual, strategic approach

In a combination of all the areas mentioned, we jointly develop a sales strategy that corresponds to the character of your company and your goals in terms of sales and profit. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can quickly see where the priorities can be set and how these individually lead to success. Our service areas include:

  • intelligent analysis of your target group
  • Selection of suitable sales channels
  • Preparation of offers & conclusion of contract
  • Acquisition of new customers & regular customer care – Recovering customers
  • Success analysis


Whether end customer or B2B partner, we develop the right approach to optimize your sales. Would you like to find out more? Get in touch today!