Pricing – state-of-the-art software for higher profits

Pricing your products and services is a complex challenge. In every industry, your economic actions with the aim of increasing profits must adequately taken into account influences such as the pricing of your competitors as well as trends and developments relating to your target group.


To make your pricing systematic and profitable, Chironex will help you with adequate software solutions. We provide technically supported price optimization that takes into account all relevant influencing factors of your industry. Provide new impulses in sales and be sure to win optimized prices in all market situations.

Price optimization with state-of-the-art AI

To optimize your pricing, we rely on state-of-the-art algorithms that weigh countless pricing models and strategies against each other. The use of artificial intelligence creates systems that are capable of learning, so that past experience is incorporated into future pricing. Here, data can be recorded for any number of products, services and sales transactions, which would hardly be possible without a software solution.

With Chironex, you don’t just find out what the best pricing strategy is in the current market. We also provide you with concrete prices for all your products or currently important product areas. The further developments of Big Data and AI flow into our methods, so that you are quickly one step ahead of the competition with our price models.

Systematically increase your profits and margins

Our goal is comprehensive and individual advice, with which you can increase your margins when selling and thus achieve greater profits in the long term. When developing our pricing tools, we are happy to take the individual requirements of your industry or company into account. This gives you the security that our solution exactly meets your operational needs.

Contact Chironex today to learn more about our concept and the technical possibilities of pricing using AI. In addition to our support in sales and pricing, our experienced consulting team is at your disposal in other operational areas.