Pricing in the logistics industry - with innovative software solutions

Companies in the logistics sector are traditionally interested in optimizing times and routes. From traditional forwarding agencies to freight by sea or air, factors such as adherence to deadlines and route efficiency are essential features of an economically successful trade. The optimization of logistical processes has a direct impact on pricing and ideally creates the opportunity to set yourself apart from direct competition.

Digitalization offers companies in the logistics industry great potential not only in organization and administration. Innovative software tools can also be used in pricing in order to continuously adapt conditions and improve the earnings situation. Chironex will advise you which options are available to your logistics company.

The right approach to increasing efficiency

Every logistic company is faced with time and cost pressures on a daily basis. In addition to the range of services, your logistic partners look for new customers in particular on the basis of price. Many companies work with maximum transparency and disclose their cost structures. Competitors can take this up for specific starting points in order to make their own offer financially more attractive.

However, efficiency is not just a question of operational costs. Intelligent pricing also gives you the opportunity to pass financial benefits on to old and new customers. In addition to optimizing your price structures, you can work with individual price concepts from the discount to the premium range, attractive special conditions and similar offers.

Digitally simplify complex pricing

Small and medium-sized logistics companies in particular rarely know how the multitude of cost factors can be holistically optimized. Traditionally, framework values ​​such as the transport route and the type and volume of the product determine the cost framework for the customer. This very rigid tariff system leaves little scope for individual special conditions and leaves out the most frequent inquiries to your own company.

By using a modern software solution, the complex spectrum of customer and order data can be analyzed in a structured manner. On this basis, there is scope for special conditions or a pricing strategy that caters to individual customer needs. If it is cleverly calculated and presented to the customer as a really personal offer, it is easier to distinguish it from direct competitors.

Examples of intelligent pricing

– Develop clear guidelines on the conditions under which you can give discounts to your customers. Digital solutions help you to optimize the discount structure in order not to give price reductions “by feeling”.

– Use software to set lower limits for discounts and special conditions. Otherwise, especially with loyal customers, a discount granted can completely jeopardize the profitability of a logistical project.

– Carry out a simple and reliable post-calculation to compare the pricing for the previously calculated order volume with the actual delivery.

– Introduce an intelligently calculated premium area in order to offer optimized conditions for express deliveries or an overnight service, for example.

With Chironex for ideal pricing in logistics

With the most modern software from Chironex Consulting, the mentioned starting points for intelligent pricing become concrete pricing strategies. Our experienced consultants will explain to you how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to achieve higher profits and margins. The approach is individual, flexible and intelligently controlled to respond to changes in the order situation, customer base and performance of your company.

Systematically optimize the pricing of your business with Chironex. Set yourself apart from your competitors in logistics – in pricing policy as well as in service!